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Updated: Nov 22, 2017

"Put another Shrimp on the Barbi!"

" We're gonna steak night! And, we're gonna eat it right! It is such a treat! It is the world's best meat!"

Both great lines from both Dumb and Dumber and the show Scrubs. And they focus on one of the core things that many red-blooded American loves- BBQ. Japan certainly knows how to do BBQ right! This spot is located right around the corner from the famous Starbucks outside of Shibuya station. My bro and I decided to go for the 4-5 person portion. Yep, thats right. Right after the gym two bros destroyed a serving of good for 5 people. This place was so good we went back twice. And if I was there for another day then I would have gone back 3 times! If I could get this everyday then I would at least think about it. But, then things like high blood pressure, and the itis after every meal would probably stop me. But, this was one of those meals that make you seriously consider if it's worth high blood pressure. And, that my friends means you should go here and experience it!

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