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Bellingham, Wa (U.S.A)

Poutine is both ridiculously delicious, and itis inducing at the same time. I mean who doesn't love scrambled eggs, tomato, bacon, potatoes with cheese smothered in gravy. I mean a lot of gravy. There is no half-stepping on the Poutine gravy train, ya feel me?

I went with two buddies to a breakfast restaurant when I was in Seattle about two months ago. I know I know, I am late putting this story up here. Life happens, ya dig? Anyway, my buddy Albert orders the Poutine with the play-by-play below:

Albert: "Guys, I don't know how I can finish this!?"

Brad: "You'll be okay."

Me: "Let me try some of that deliciousness. (Takes a big bite*) Ohh man! This is exactly like the boondocks Itis episode with the Luther!"

Albert: "The Luther? What is that?"

Brad: "It's like Fried chicken, with bacon in between two glazed donuts. It gives you a food coma."

Albert: (Laughs*). "I feel like I might be in the beginning stages of the Itis. I'm feeling sleepy."

Me: "Let me know when you're done and I'll try to help you out."

Albert: ZZZzzzz.....ZZZzzz... (Wakes up and keeps eating*)

Me: "Doing Alright there?"

Albert: "Must keep going. Can't get knocked out cold by Poutine. It's just so rich though."

Me: "And Poutine seems to winning this fight. Say champ, are you ready to give up and surrender the belt to Poutine?"

Albert: "I was down for the count like 10 minutes ago (*laughs). I can't even be mad. It is just too much. I think I'd get a stroke if I ate it all (*laughs awkwardly)."

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