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Mama Made Me Go to Rehab

Rehab Burger with Poblano Chili Blanket

I am always on the lookout for a good burger. Something that is not only mouthwatering, but makes you smile after only one bite. I think I found one out in Scottsdale. Rehab Burger Therapy is place, and go you should (that's all the Yoda you'll see for the rest of the post).

I decided to go with the Hatch Burger Rehab, which has two fresh ground beer patties, cheddar cheese, a green chili blanket and taste like deliciousness. At first bite, I could tell the burger was cooked perfectly medium. Blood wasn't oozing down the size of the burger, but you could see a little red on the inside. The lettuce and tomatoes were crispy and fresh. I'm a big fan of provolone on a burger, but figured this time I couldn't go wrong with some cheddar cheese, and rehab was the right place.

Unlike the Amy Winehouse song, if mama wants you to go to rehab, then make sure its Rehab Burger Therapy. Then say, "YES! YES! YES!"

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