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Struggles of the Night Shift Life

Luckily I don't have to worry about this anymore, but several years back I had to work a night shift. We worked with an international client. So the hours were from 8pm to 5am,which meant I needed to sleep during the day and work at night.

In other words, I got to become Blade. You know the vampire-hunting vampire who sleeps during the day, and comes out to hunt at night! But, unlike Blade I didn't have any weapons, and vampire hunting was the last thing on my mind. While I won't get into the nature of the job, or details like where I worked, I will tell you about the Blade lifestyle.

Managing a healthy diet with exercise and boat loads of melatonin was important for me. Without the melatonin I couldn't sleep, and without a healthy diet and exercise my Circadian rhythm wouldn't be able to try and mitigate some of the damage from the night shift. I would go to cafes like Panera Bread or Denny's to eat while wearing thick black sunglasses. Some people probably thought I maybe was disabled and/or handicapped, but I just wanted to keep it reduce how right everything was since it was almost my bedtime at 8am.

The one fight I did get into was with the snow as I drove from downtown Chicago to the northwest suburbs of Palatine, which was home during this time. Freezing rain and snow flurrys were landing gently on the downtown streets. No cars were parked on either side of the roads. And I was thinking man its nice not having to worry about parallel parking! As I was taking this all in, I looked at my car clock and noticed it was about bed time-8 a.m. Time to battle these conditions till I can get home. It's time for me to take some more melatonin and call it a night. Blade will need his sleep to fight another day.

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