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History Doesn't Always Need to Be on Repeat

Do you ever have a dream that you feel like you've seen before? Maybe its the same dream. or maybe... it feels similar, but has a different twist. I think many people can relate.

Well, as the rhetoric has been heated from both the Trump administration and the N.K. regime, I hope this story has different twist, and a peaceful end.

Over summer, I went to the Peace park in Hiroshima, Japan. I felt compelled to go there given the current situation. And, to remember the "whys" and the "hows" that lead us to that day in August of 1945. I understand that peace is often having a bigger stick than someone else. So I understand the purpose for having weapons of mass destruction. I just wish they are never to be used again. The devastation that I saw was a reminder that weapons that powerful only wrap innocent civilians in a blanket of despair, sorrow, and hopelessness. While the initial impact may be short lived, the effects last not only just one lifetime, but many after.

Given the headlines, news articles, and the experience I had when a missile flew over Hokkaido when back in Japan over summer that the world is getting sleepy. And, is about to fall a sleep again. Will we have the same dream as that day in August. Or, will realize its a bad dream beforehand, and force it to have a different twist. I can only hope for the later: to fight for peace and to make this story have a different ending.

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